Brandy (0,5 l)
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Brandy (0,5 l) - Bottle (0,5 l)

Bottle (0,5 l)

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The Brandy was born as wine distilled, and obtained for the first time by arabian alchimists in the VII and VIII century a.d.. At the time its use was as medicament; afterwards it became a drink and it spread over Spain, Ireland and then in the rest of Europe. 


Its actual name comes from Dutch “Brandewijn” which means “burnt wine”, word  become in English “brandywine”.

 Obtained  by distillation of Fattoria Uccelliera’s Sangiovese Grape, producted and bottled from Distillery Bonollo in Formigine (Modena).

  • Colour: deep amber yellow,  with sunny nuances.
  • Flavour: ethereal, of great fineness, extremely composito
  • Taste: warm, harmonic with tones of various woods where the brandy matures.
  • Alcohol : 42%
  • Type of distillation structure: Discontinuous .
  • Maturing: least 8 years in different kind of woods. In this case, aged ten years in oakbarrels.
  • After bottling: six months in our store.
  • Quantity and size: 1.200 Bottles (0.5)