Calamarata Whole wheat semolina 3 Kg

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Calamarata Whole wheat semolina 3 Kg

Calamarata Integrale Artigianale Toscana Prosit

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Calamarata Whole wheat semolina 

Calamarata Whole wheat semolina cultivated in Tuscany, 3 kg
The Calamarata Integrale Romeo is drawn to bronze and slowly dried at low temperatures to ensure maximum baking. The hard wheat used to make this semolina is cultivated in Tuscany.
The artisan production process gives our Calamarata Integrale Romeo the right roughness despite the smooth surface, to match perfectly with any type of sauce and / or seasoning, from the simplest to the most elaborate. This is a particularly suitable format for mixing with fish sauces and / or molluscs, but is well suited to any kitchen experiment as it is a bit challenging in cooking but a great result in the dish
The cooking times may vary between 8 and 10 minutes; for the true handmade pasta, having no standardized production processes and using seasonal mixes depending on the hard wheat growers who provided the raw material, it is always advisable to have a direct cooking test with the product taste at the beginning of the minutes indicated (8 minutes for Calamarata).