Bitter Amordamaro
Fattoria Uccelliera

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Bitter Amordamaro

Bottle Amordamaro ( 0,5 l)

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  • Weight 0.80 kg.
  • incoming: 7 gg

Price: 20.00 € 18.00 € -10.0%


Bottiglia Amordamaro (0,7 l)

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  • Weight 0.85 kg.
  • incoming: 7 gg

Price: 28.00 € 24.00 € -14.3%


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Our Amordamaro was born at the beginning of XX century, wher our grandmother Isola prepared this liqueur for friends who visited her durino Christmastime. Fortunally she left us the precious recipe and we went on with a serious production.


Unlike the other Amaro, our  Amordamaro is not so bitter, but quite sweet. Thi is the reason of its name: in italian AMORE means LOVE and our Amaro is sweet as love.

Obtained by maceration of aromatic herbs.

Colour :  very dark.

Fragrance : it remembers the bitter orange, the whitethorn, the bergamot and some toasted coffeee notes. Very original and scheming, it let think to old flavours, nowadays forgotten.

Flavour :    warm, yellow, armonic and velvety, sweet

Alcohol :  38%.

Gastronomy: It can be used as digestive liqueur, as lacing in the coffee without using sugar or  put on ice-cream or on fresh cakes like panna cotta, crème caramel etc.  During hot seasons, it can be drunk cold (5°)

Left maturino after bottling: three months